Grant Smitton

Aviation Consultant

Grant Informal cropGrant Smitton BCom – Specialist in airline network design strategy
A strong desire to make a real difference to the businesses I work with, and the communities they operate in, is what motivates me.

I have worked in aviation for over 20 years, mainly in the Pacific, specialising in airline strategy, network development and schedule analysis and design, airline business modelling, fleet growth and rationalization and market and competitor analysis. My curiosity about what drives value for airlines has led me to create modelling tools that provide answers to all those “what if?” questions. What if we develop some new markets? What if we operate a different fleet? These models enable me to develop smarter schedule/network design strategies and solutions to maximise profitability for our clients. To deliver efficient and well-connected air networks to deliver a sustainable and growth orientated networks to support tourism market development is something I take pride in.

I love a challenge and use my inquisitive style to take the strategic perspective. I’m no Spock but I am very logical and practical in my approach. I understand new concepts quickly and often see opportunities not visible to others.