Fiona Cameron

Research Specialist NPD and New Technologies

As I see it, the work we do at Forward is about finding win win outcomes. We are looking at how things work for the consumer, and figuring out what in that is relevant to the client – what can they actually do now, and what do they need to do in the future.

I have worked in marketing research for nearly 25 years and still find it great fun. When you are designing ways to solve a problem, you have to be both creative and intricate. Interacting with consumers is the exciting part where we see what is happening and test out ideas. But in the end, it is about taking it back to the client and working with them on getting it right for the organisation.

After many years overseas, it is great to be back home. I worked in Asia for 15 years and value the experience and relationships I gained there. Now, small town New Zealand is the right place for me and my children. However, the work we do at Forward gives me the chance to to stay connected to markets and people around the world.