Carol Gunn

Communications and Marketing Specialist

I love exploring new ideas and seeing them turn into successful outcomes. I was enticed into a market research and business career, but my background is in science and the scientific method remains entrenched in my thinking. It is the research foundation that I always come back to because I want to know more.

At Tourism New Zealand, I was involved in the launch of the 100% Pure global advertising campaign. Back then, it was viewed with scepticism. Now, it is frequently referenced as one of the first and most successful global destination marketing campaigns.

It was a privilege to have been exposed to Māori perspectives as marketing manager at Māori Television. I left there with a heightened awareness of the changing media-scape. In my home life, my husband is a digital enthusiast, I have young teenagers, and my own interest in social media and digital channels, all lead to lots of conversations about the wonders and frustrations of the digital world.

My core contribution is to look differently at information and provide new insights. What does this mean to our business? What can we do? Client-side experience makes me aware of the complexities of the environment that our recommendations are being dropped into – we can never know everything that our clients are dealing with so we need to be supportive by giving pragmatic advice.