Brand strategy development

  • Brand positioning & optimization
  • Brand architecture & portfolio management
  • Brand alignment and engagement
  • Brand tracking, equity, evaluation
  • Brand blueprint development
  • Organizational brand alignment
  • Competitive brand landscape analysis
  • Future potential analysis

Approaches and techniques >

Approaches and techniques

QUAL Group discussions | Depth interviews | Consumer connects | Expert interviews | Intercepts | Ethnography | Diaries | Blogs and communities | Mobile | Video forums | Co-creation
QUANT Driver analysis | Volumetric modelling | Advanced regression modelling | Conjoint modelling | CHAID | Turf analysis | Psychographic segmentation| Gabor-Granger price optimisation | Structural equation modelling | Neural network analysis | Scenario modelling | Principal component analysis | Latent class analysis | Answer trees | Mixture models | Correspondence analysis
COMMUNITY Online discussions | Online communities| Instant messaging discussion forums (e.g. WeChat)
SENSORY Product benchmarking| Concept product fit| Sensory product mapping| Integration of sensory research and consumer insights| Sensorial ethnography| Product screening and definition| Specialist technical sensory
TRACTION Future potential analysis created on the basis of existing usage frequency and other key measures to assess interaction with brands
PULSE Our regular insights reporting from Asia on key issues and areas of interest
USER DESIGN We use co-design research methods where end users become an integral part of the development of a product or service alongside the client, internal stakeholders and the design team.