Airline Strategy

We have high calibre specialists with strong airline and tourism experience, plus direct involvement with air transport and tourism in the Pacific. Our team of aviation specialists
We understand the importance of the tourism sector to Pacific Island economies.
Our core strategies are about building sustainable and growth-orientated strategies that support the development of the wider tourism sector, through:

  • Building a sustainable airline model
  • Growth and value generation orientation
  • Competitive costs structures
  • Building air networks that not only service tourism development, but also the social transportation needs of island nations
  • Cost competitive and highest safety standards.

Capability building and knowledge transfer are part of our core business philosophy.

Airline Expertise

  • Understanding of airline relationships and alliances
  • Economic viability of airlines, security of supply, demand and supply side risks
  • Understanding of airline competitive environment and growth strategies
  • Airline route economics and selection of fleet type fit for mission
  • Bespoke analysis tools: Airline profitability model and P&L simulation
  • Airline business case development
  • Understanding of how airline decisions and strategies can have a deep impact (negative and positive) on the core tourism markets and regional development
  • General trends in aviation, airline consolidation, airline partnerships and new technology
  • Air traffic demand and revenue forecasting
Airline Expertise

  • Airline strategy and planning: growth, share, value, outcomes and performance management
  • Experience working in the Pacific, particularly Polynesia
  • Understanding of aviation policy and legal / regulatory environment
  • Airline schedule design to maximise operational efficiency and marketability
  • Route analysis and development
  • Fleet type utilisation to maximise synergistic value to all partners
  • Understanding link between aviation and economic sectors.
Private Public Partnership Expertise

We have deep experience of Public Private Partnerships through:

  • Air New Zealand (a Public Private Partnership with a controlling Government shareholding).
  • The largest regional Public Private Partnership turn around – Air New Zealand.
  • Public Private Partnerships in developing countries in a number of industries, including aviation and tourism in Cambodia and Indonesia.