Louise Beard

Research & Strategic Planning Specialist

We help New Zealand companies forge better connections to local and international consumers by understanding what truly adds value for the user. We provide the direction and insight to help companies and organisations develop products and services that deliver higher margins. It is only by wealth creation that New Zealand will have the resources to build social programs that make a difference.

Two ideas motivate me. Firstly, that the end result of our work is improved well-being. Optimising products and services improves the user experience and revenue and therefore improves peoples’ lives. This is best exemplified in our work with primary industries where the products themselves can make such a difference to consumers. Secondly, our work is incredibly challenging and stimulating. When, through hard work, collaboration and thought, you solve a problem and identify a way forward that was previously unknown, and you communicate that with succinctness and clarity, it is enormously rewarding.